Day 72: Looking At Harry Houdini

Following a Passion

One of the ways that helps time passing for me is to focus on all things magic, not as in fairy tales but actual magician entertainers’ illusions. I have been working on a few websites that I am associated with in terms of content. It is always a challenge, especially when you are working on more than one blog at a time, but because magic is my passion it becomes much more easy.

Measuring Age with Houdini

My biggest hero is Harry Houdini himself. I used to measure his age at death along with my own, counting away at the days until this wonderful conjurer/escape artist died. He died at age 52 and growing up as a performing prestidigitator I used to think about what would age 52 have in store for me.

Could Be His Older Brother

As of this writing I am six years older than Houdini was at his time of death. I had always looked at Harry Houdini as some kind of father figure or older brother, but now I’m older than the year he lived until so technically, I could be his older brother.

Spending Time Writing Magic Books

Over this period of being in lockdown in Manhattan, NY I have had a lot of time on my hands. So I’ve been able to do things like write and publish a magic book with the leading provider of eBooks in the magic world. Within two days it was both #1 on the hotlist for marketing as well as #1 Marketing Author. I’ve also been able to author several entries on various different websites.

What are you doing with your lockdown time. We’d love to know!