Day 73: Last Night I Was Very Sick

Coming Down with Something?

Yesterday evening I started to get very hot. I wanted there to be a cure for the Coronavirus right now. Where was that woman in white with a mask on who had discovered a substance that would do away with COVID-19? I had a headache. My palms turned red and I felt like there were pins being pushed into them. I was extremely tired. My forehead was burning. I was sweating all over. I really thought I was coming down with something.

Remembering a Chemistry Set

So I went to bed a few hours earlier than I sometimes do (1:00am to 2:00am). My wife had given me Vitamin C which I placed under my tongue. Prior I had said my goodnights to my wife and daughter. As I lay in bed I was worried that I was at the beginnings of a virus of some kind. In my dreams that woman in white surfaced and poured chemicals into chemicals much like I had done as a kid.

Next Morning

Then this morning I woke up about and hour earlier than I normally do (5:00am) and I wasn’t sick any longer! It had gotten so bad last night that due to the nausea I was feeling I even turned down fresh brownies and ice cream. It’s incredible what a little Vitamin C and sleep can do. Thank goodness. No need anymore at the moment for that woman in white. At least not today.