Day 75: Making Sense of It All

It’s Always 5pm

All these weeks later I still can’t make sense of it all. I feel like I’m living in a sci-fi novel, the bad kind about a protagonist who is trying to save the world by fighting a virus. The difference between reading a novel versus living it, is that when you live it, you cannot stop turning the pages. The pages are turned for you. Day in, day out. As mentioned, our running joke is my calling out “It’s always 5pm” to my wife and our 11 year old daughter. What is meant by that phrase is that time is speeding by.

It’s Nipping at Our Toes

Starting my day is waking up at the crack of dawn and writing for a few hours before my wife and daughter rise. When they do, my my daughter , after breakfast and brushing her teeth goes into her room for distance learning while my wife travels into the living room to remotely do her job. I check in on client and personal projects and affirm against my schedule that I’ll be able to complete what is written. And throughout all of this, the Coronavirus is nipping at our toes.

What is It Always?

I am no more clearer on what it means to experience the changes due to COVID-19 than I was two and a half months ago when this all started. I do know though that this is my and my wife’s “New normal,” while for my daughter this is “normal.” The big push is on throughout the nation (or at least on Fox) is to get back to work. Ironically, our family is already at work. And although at this moment it is only around 7:30am E.S.T., I feel like calling out “It’s always 5pm!”