Day 76: No One Knows the Truth

Here Come the Followers

There is no magic pill. The fact of the matter is that no one knows the truth regarding COVID-19. There are best practices, but in the end medical science is mostly baffled by this virus. That is what makes this all so difficult. There is on the part of some, conviction about the answer. In fact there is an entire campaign trying to project the sense of certainty, and although it is founded on uncertainty is likely to bring in followers.

Illusion of the Answer

This is because if one does not know, yet works hard to give the appearance of knowing, others will listen. In some ways this is the secret to achieving a certain kind of happiness, but also being lead by delusion. Think of how many people get drawn into and believe they’ve found the answer but are actually a part of a cult. A gathering of people drawn together because of on person’s illusion of having found the answer.

Searching for a Glimmer of Light

This same human model can also be used on a number of things that are happening in the world today. But who can blame it. We as thinking beings desire insight and understanding. Sometimes we might look for it in the wrong places. And in this case the results can sometimes be catastrophic. And yet we continue to search for that glimmer of light, that magic pill.