Day 79: Be Creative at Home

Fear of Being Creative

As a family in quarantine lockdown in Manhattan, 79 days in, we get asked “What do you do to pass the time?” Our answer is: be creative at home. It’s really that easy. If you have a creative venture of some kind you should never get bored. Some people claim having a block to their motivation to create, but this is needless to say merely a fear of being creative.

Your Mind Keeps Going

There is no need to block your creative mind, because there is no such thing as inhibiting your mind, unless you are in the midst of something that is life threatening. Your mind keeps going even when you don’t create. That fear of being creative actually is merely a layer you try to put on your creativity, but your mind keeps going, and going, and going, and so on.

Silly But Effective

Therefore to be creative at home you can say to your creativity:

“I am sorry for pretending you weren’t there. You have been there for me, and I never acknowledge it…Until now.”

If saying this to your creative seems silly, all the better to keep doing it. Eventually you will be able to…Be creative at home!