Day 80: Running a Business at Home

Home Office Business

Running a business at home is in some ways more difficult for us than the old days pre-COVID-19. We we had a basement media studio in midtown Manhattan and had tables upon tables of helpers. We were serving many more clients and yet the workload seemed smaller than it does today in my home office.

Longer to Explain an Idea

One of the big difference is workers. We now primarily work with digital workers who are online. This means all of our communication is via email. It can sometimes be challenging trying to explain an idea, whereas in the old days when we were in the same room as our team, we could show and not tell. Not to say you can’t communicate visually with digital workers, you can send each other digital blueprints and images. It’s just that now it takes longer to explain an idea.

Creating Jobs

So we move forward seeking more ways we can delegate work to digital workers creating jobs all across America.