Day 83: U.S. New Normal

Digital Domain

The New Normal of the United States. U.S. New Normal. It’s not that it’s we’re going to enter into this stage, we’re already there. Think about your life, all the things you are experiencing now. Will it be that much different once you leave your lockdown? For some with jobs the require client and provider be in the same room, you’re life will likely be different from what it is at this moment. You’ll be doing work primarily out of the digital domain.

An Old Friend

Those who are working in the digital sphere are currently doing their work remotely. An old friend of mine randomly called me yesterday and we talked for almost an hour about technology, the arts and the New Normal. What I gleaned from that conversation is that we have a long way to go before things will be “normal.” And the “Now Normal” will continue to be the “New Normal.” Things will never be the same as they were before. and certain jobs have become more visible because of their needs.


When one casually looks at listings for positions that are currently available, up front and center we find that they are based on the times and make sense that they would be there. We’re talking about jobs such as Lab Technicians, Delivery People and Amazon Warehouse Workers. These all strike a chord with us because we want Lab Technicians to come up with a cure, we get our food from Delivery People and we are grateful for the Amazon Warehouse Workers who pack important stuff that we need on a weekly basis.