Day 86: DIYdigi Facilitates a New Type of Love

A New Type of Love

How does DIYdigi facilitate a new type of love? It is because in this new age of the Coronavirus, communication is vital, and can provide you with the tools. The DIY in DIYdigi stands for Do It Yourself and digi stands for digital, so in its form of DIYdigi, it represents “Do It Yourself Digital.

Couple with a Name

Even if you don’t read or purchase celeb publications, you’ve probably at least have heard the melding of names for a celebrity couple. For example, when Ben Affleck dated Jennifer Lopez the couple for the rags was labeled as an entity, specifically “Bennerifer.”

Do You Deserve to Be a Celebrity?

You can do this for your love as well. Do you feel like a celebrity. Do you feel your are entitled you current love interest and yourself should have a name as a couple? If this is the case then DIYdigi can help you with this.