Day 88: Remeber When Social Distancing Was One of Our Biggest Problems?

No One To Stop It

Just when we though social distancing (see image) was going to be one of our biggest challenges, everything has been turned upside down. At this point none of us here in NYC understands what is happening including our elected city officials. Where is the leadership locally and nationally? We hear last night that a store in midtown we went to recently has been destroyed and looted. And there was one there to stop it.


How is it possible for all this chaos to happen with no protection for us regular citizens? Why the line of officers instilling fear in the wrong group? It’s the other group guys, not those doing peaceful protest which when last we checked is a right in this country. If you’re going to dress up in that scary outfit and hold menacing shields, at least do it for those who deserve it, not Americans trying to get across an important message.


We love our beautiful city but one thing happens after another to tarnish our cultural mecca. Why now? Why this unprecedented activity? And why is there no one to punish those doing it?