Day 90: Is COVID-19 Old News?


Yeah, I’ve been on my laptop a lot lately. Why? Because of what is going on of course. So here’s the latest from a guy on a laptop who can see all this through his hallway window. There are those of us who have been in Lockdown for 90 days or around 3 months. We’ve done our part to both take care of our family and a role in not exposing others to the virus if one of us got it. Or, even preventing it being carried in latent form and contaminating others.

Vandalization and Robbery

But guess what. The Protestors/Vandals/Thieves Roadshow has grabbed the headlines, or at least did unless something newsworthy happens now (we’re O.D.’ing on watching people sweat on each other). What happened to COVID? It was just a background story to the peaceful protests by day and the tearing up of the city at night with vandalization and robbery. My hands are getting tired of typing in about all this so the news cycle will likely change at this point.

Silver Lining

The story seems to be swinging back to the Coronavirus. There are those of us who are curious to find out if people spitting on each other and sharing fluids for days is going to lead to more cases. True, many of the protestors were on the younger side and therefore maybe not the virus’ target demographic, but surely something will surface? If it doesn’t what have we been doing for the last 90 days? Having quality family time of course and making friends with my laptop!