Day 99: The Second to the Last Day of this Blog

Will Likely Update this Site Monthly or So

What we’re really going to explore in this second to the last installment is discipline. It clearly has taken a certain amount of discipline to reach nearly 100 entries to this site. Though, truth be told, there was a day toward the beginning that we forgot to do a post. I was almost thinking of going to Day 101 to make it exactly 100 actual posts but have decided with input from my family that tomorrow, Day 100 will mark the end of the daily approach. On occasion we will be bringing you quarantine updates, but this could be as infrequently as monthly or so.

Still Will Use Precautions

But how did I manage to have the discipline to document 100 days as of tomorrow? The answer is that I wanted to have some kind of record of what these times were like. We’re not out of the woods yet with the virus nor with the upheaval of contemporary issues, but this does feel like some kind of a turning point for COVID-19 if everyone participates. That means keeping social distance, wearing a mask and doing lots of hand washing.

Tomorrow is the Day

I have been motivate also to do a certain amount of blog updating on other websites. I have discovered my limit for being disciplined to do daily updating. So I will likely be transferring the daily discipline I had for this site onto another site I do but have been doing monthly on it. I may start to do it daily. I have to think about this still and will let you know tomorrow. I may even tell you what the site is tomorrow or at least leave some clues. I’m going to leave all my “thank yous” for tomorrow on Day 100 so see you then!