Depression During the Pandemic was Common, as well as was a Part of the Story of a 1989 Film

To treat his depression the filmmaker was hooked up to a machine with a video monitor operated by a female scientist who was able to view and analyze the filmmaker’s sleeping dreams. The real life segments were to be shot in black and white and the dreams in color in which the filmmaker was a B movie vampire who would randomly burst into song while on the search for true love.

ABEIFY did actually make the feature length motion picture shot in 16mm in 1989, but unfortunately there were issues with the cutting of the film’s negative during post production. But ABEIFY’s process of producing, writing, directing, composing the songs and even starring in the flick, did start his thought wheels turning.

The picture opens with a voice over in which the narrator talks about real life and how everyone except for one character is playing themselves and that future installments will follow, as they are lived. This was a promise that in turn later led to the continuing of the plot line with the launch of the long running reality show, Video Diary NYC.