If You Own a Business You May be Asking What Now?

Pardon the rhyme, but here it is. “Don’t WAIT behind the GATE. You need to open it by yourself.

Problem Solving Content

Around a month ago we closed down this website as being a location for having access to daily journal entries, much of them about the Coronavirus. Now that COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise, we’ve decided to come back at least a month or so and bring you practical problem-solving content.

Restrictions Mount

This entry in our “diary” takes a look at a big issue today: how are businesses going to be able to survive if they either are prevented from opening or are operating at a fraction of their usual intake due to having to adhere to COVID guidelines?

Leveraging an Opportunity

The only answer to this question is that of having to find other areas to bring in an income from your business such as having an online component. Yes, we know that likely you have already thought of that and failed to make it work. Don’t give up. The Coronavirus is your friend if you know how to leverage the opportunity.

Create Profitable Marketing

For example, we know of a New York City salon owner in New York City who realized early on that if he didn’t act he would have to close down, so he chose to create profitable marketing. Create Profitable Marketing .com is a website that will soon have a course available called “Create Profitable Marketing.

Digital is Your Friend

We bring up the upcoming course “Create Profitable Marketing” as more than just a sales pitch to you. This is the way you need to start thinking if you want to survive. It’s not about waiting around for your marketer/web designer to get customers for you, instead you need to be proactive use online marketing. The name of the following site is the tact you need to take. The website is called “How to Do Online Marketing.”

Go to the Opportunity

Back to the salon owner we mentioned. Although his salons were located in Manhattan, he took his hair cutting expertise and his stylists to the opportunity rather than waiting around for it. What he did was to go to the Hamptons with his troupe and started cutting hair in the homes of the rich and famous. He was able to find his Hampton clients through a combination of referral and using strategies on his website along the lines of knowing how to Create Online Marketing.

Finding YOUR Opportunity

You can do this too. You just need to think outside of the box and ask yourself the question: How will DIY Digi (Do It Yourself Digital) work for you?