Day 30: The New Wild West Out There?

 Coronavirus Nightmare

I used to scoff at the brand of thriller movie that has as its storlyline, a lot of medical people dealing with the fear of being overtaken by a particular virus. I still roll my eyes at such motion pictures despite the fact that I and my family are living the Coronavirus nightmare.

At First it Seemed Fine

Being trapped by the Coronavirus in Manhattan at the beginning was not difficult, it merely meant that you are are stuck within four walls, but that’s okay, especially if you’re an extreme introvert as I am .

The Homeless Rule the Out of Doors

But after the first 20 days or so you begin to realize it’s true that you really can’t go outside unless you want to be confronted by homeless people who say they have the Coronavirus and will cough on you if you don’t give them money.

Officers in Blue Decide to Stay Home in NYC

I think that a big thing that people are worried about right now is the belief that the situation outdoors could get even worse  due to the fact that cops are deciding to stay home on “sick leave.” The thought by some is that they are doing so  without actually having an illness .

The New Wild West

Is COVID-19 bringing on the new Wild West? If the police continue to stay home in large numbers due to fear of the virus, it will become the new Wild West out there. The police officers are paid and get generous penchants to keep us safe and not to remain at home on sick leave if they’re not actually ill. Though, they are understandably fearful, since they like all of us are only human.